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h2 xero landscape design: how and why are we different?

H2 Xero is a boutique company that provides a unique set of specialty landscape products and services to discerning clients.  

H2 XERO'S DESIGN SERVICE specializes in custom landscape designs featuring California native and Mediterranean flowering plants, vines, succulents, ornamental grasses, shrubs, and trees. With the future in mind, our plans require less maintenance and water to thrive in semi-arid climate zones.  While we are happy to design desert-style gardens, and "Soft Desert" gardens, many of our clients envision having lush natural styles (such as California native, English-style, or the more formal California Contemporary, French or Italian Mediterranean styles).
Our extensive training in horticulture includes the study of plants, trees, shrubs, soils, irrigation, and landscape maintenance, H2 XERO approaches garden design with a goal of ensuring the long-term health and beauty of your landscape throughout every season of the year. This means your landscape dream is intended to display year round beauty, thrive in your soil and in your climate zone, using efficient irrigation and requiring minimum maintenance. Our fine art training ensures your landscape is designed as if it were a plein (open) air painting with attention to composition, visual balance, color theory, light and textures that complement and contrast your garden setting.